Industry-leading nut processing equipment

Air Ducting’s & Service Platforms

As each project is unique, we construct to client’s needs.

Bunker Bins

Bunker Bins for Drying inside a Shed. Bins are made from all Galvanised Steel. Size & Shape to fit shed space resulting in minimal lost space. Can be made to suit from 2 to 20 tonne capacity. Low bed depth of nut approximately 2 meters. Option of enclosing the fans with ducting & extending a vertical air duct into ceiling cavity to use the dry solar heated air present.

Additional heating sources eg. Electric elements may be added for drying in all weather conditions.

Standard Sizing:
3.5tonne – 1300mm Width x 2600mm Depth x 3000mm High
12tonne – 3250mm Width x 3250mm Depth x 3250mm High
Include Outlet, Fan & Floors


Robustly constructed machine offers flexibility of multi- heads. Most rock picked up at harvest will not damage Rollers. Opening Head make for ease of access. Handles thin shelled varieties without damage. Designed to enable unrestricted nut flow to the chain without the risk of clogging up.

Capacity to approx. 500kg of NIS per Hour per Roller. Locally Designed & Manufactured.

Air Sorter

Alstonville Steel newly designed Air Sorter sorts husk and shell and some inferior nut from whole Nut in Shell, getting rid of any rubbish coming through, making your final sort much easier & cleaner.

Can be used for Macadamias, Walnuts, Pecans.

Dump Bins

Our fully Galvanised Dump Bins come in standard sizes or custom made.

Standard Sizes:
Cubic Capacity 0.6 – 1200 x 1200 x 100
Cubic Capacity 0.9 – 1500 x 1500 x 100
Cubic Capacity 1.9 – 1800 x 1800 x 300
Cubic Capacity 3.2 – 2400 x 2000 x 300
Cubic Capacity 4.0 – 2400 x 2400 x 500
Cubic Capacity 7.2 – 3000 x 3000 x 300
Cubic Capacity 9.0 – 3000 x 3000 x 500

Easy Let Down

Quieter Nut Movement. Designed to limit nut damage & make the process of moving nut quieter. Avoids damage & bruising to the nut and reduces the noise as they are load into the Silo’s. Fitted inside the silo the design does not inhibit air flow through the structure giving uniform drying.

Can be retro fitted to all Silos & Bunk Bins.


All Elevators are supplied with either Fixed or Variable Speed Motors, Single Phase or 3Phase.

Made in Modula Form for lengths required.

Roller Size: 90mm or 150mm
Standard Widths: 150mm, 225mm, 300mm & 400mm or to your specifications

Husk Blower

These Blowers are designed to break up husk & nut into small pieces for tree fertilizer.

All models can be fitted with Attenuators at the end of a husk pipe for noise reduction by up to 10 decibels.

Sturdy construction, using 8mm Steel Impellers.

90mm, 100m or 150mm Outlets – Single or 3Phase.

Sorting Table

Sorting Tables come in standard sizes but can be custom built to individual requirements.

Single Phase or 3Phase.

Standard Sizes:


Hydraulic Tipping Trailers have been specially designed to transport nuts from the orchard to the Dehusking Shed. These durable trailers have a heavy duty chassis designed for long term use. Our standard design incorporates a single axle with hinged tailgate.

Fixed or Drop Sides.

Standard Sizes:
3mtr x 1.8mtr x 600mm fixed/drop sides – (3.24m3/2.1tonne)
2.4mtr x 1.8mtr x 600mm fixed/drop sides – (2.6m3/1.68 tonne)
2.4mtr x 1.8mtr x 400mm fixed/drop sides – (1.7m3/1.12 tonne)

Trash Removal Belt

Automatic Trash Removal Belt has been developed and improved over the years. This is a simple way of disposing of unwanted material, such as stick, leaves, rocks and other rubbish. It can be adapted to fit existing systems. The angled frame can be adjusted and a wide belt allows nut to spread out for more efficient operation.

Power source either Single or 3 Phase.

Standard Size 850mm wide x 1,800mm long.

Can be custom built to requirements.


Our nut grading Trommel is of solid construction manufactured with a pressed metal screen. This design allow for accurate grading of nuts and discharge of undersized nut & excess husk. The waste can then be dropped into a Blower & discharged or fed onto a Waste Conveyor.

Power source either Single or 3Phase.

Four Standard Models:

  • 2400mm x 750mm diameter
  • 1200mm x x750mm diameter
  • 1800mm x 500mm diameter
  • 1200mm x 500mm diameter

Multiple Screen Sizes available.